International Urban Affairs Association moves to UWM

Amanda Seligman photo

Amanda Seligman

The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) has moved its home campus to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), in part because of UWM’s highly regarded Urban Studies Program, which offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in urban studies.

The UAA is a 40-year-old, international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers and public-service providers. Since its founding, UAA had been housed at the University of Delaware.

“UAA and UWM share a common, long-standing commitment to scholarship and education that advance the well-being of urban communities,” said UAA Executive Director Margaret Wilder. “Nowhere is this commitment more apparent than the UWM Urban Studies Program. This talented interdisciplinary program faculty has made UWM a nationally recognized center for urban scholarship.”

Though the UAA will enjoy a close relationship with the UWM Urban Studies Program, it remains a separate, private organization that is hosted by the UWM College of Letters and Science and the UWM Graduate School.

UAA has 611 members from 15 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Spain.

“Having the major organization of urban scholars and professionals housed on the UWM campus speaks effectively about UWM’s excellent reputation among urbanists in the United States,” said Amanda Seligman, associate professor of history and director of the UWM Urban Studies Program. “And it offers our students an exciting opportunity to connect with professionals, scholars and future employers while they are still working toward their degrees.”

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