Ready, set, lights off at UWM!

An "energy dashboard" helps occupants of eight university buildings track their energy-reduction efforts.

If you’re reading this on a UWM computer, think about shutting it down, or turning off the overhead lights as soon as you’ve finished reading.

Every kilowatt counts through Oct. 8, 2011, as five academic buildings and three university residences face off in “Reduce Your Use,” an energy-reduction competition for UWM consumers only.

Reduce Your Use logo

Residents of Sandburg, Riverview and Cambridge Commons are now competing against one other in a race to reduce energy consumption hall by hall. So are faculty and staff working in Bolton, Cunningham, Curtin and Enderis halls, and Engineering & Mathematical Sciences. The winning building will receive 10 pounds of fair-trade coffee. The competition began Sept. 25, and is part of the Energy Matters initiative to reduce the university’s energy consumption by 25 percent by 2013.

An exciting feature of the competition is the Energy Dashboard, which participants can use to track their energy consumption in real time. Events will be held throughout the competition to keep contestants motivated (and unplugged).

Another feature of the competition is the Reduce Your Use pledge, an online form participants can use to commit to sustainable actions that have a corresponding CO2 reduction. Reductions will be calculated after Oct. 8.

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