Students smile, sweat, survive beginning of 2011-12

Students have been busy these last three weeks attending classes, orientations and welcome-back events. PANTHERFEST, anyone? In video, in photo and in print, a random sample of students share, for the first time ever, their unique impressions of life at UWM.

Video by Mary Rinzel

IN THIS VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk kick start the school year at UWM. Check out this recap of PANTHERFEST and Campus Kickoff 2011… then hit the books!

Below: No laundry, no boundaries:
“I made a lot of new friends. I like all the free T-shirts given out [to promote the new Mobile UWM app]. I didn’t have to do laundry for a week! I like the fact that UWM is big. My last school was so small; here I can actually explore. The Union is pretty cool. I’ve never had anyplace like this before.”
Doskey Singleton (right)
Junior transfer student in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Photo by Tina Wagner

Doskey Singleton

Photo by Tina Wagner

Jeremy Patton

Breakdancing & cheap dining: “When I was a freshman, I went to the breakdancing club a lot because I already knew of that. I tried to find all the free food I could, which was a lot. I tried to meet a whole bunch of new people.“Find something to do; everyone can be a part of something. There’s all sorts of clubs, probably ones you don’t even know of. Everyone can be a part of something.” Jeremy Patton
Junior majoring in communication
Fighting the freshman 15:“At the start of the year, intramurals participation was kind of slow, but now that students are getting in here more, it’s picked up a lot. Classes have doubled in size since the first week. For the first day of volleyball we had 12 people show up, but now we’re up to 25.

“It’s been busy here at Klotsche because freshmen are worried about the ‘freshman 15.’ Throughout the year we have weight-loss competitions with prizes to provide motivation for students to stay fit.”
Dominic Biagioli,
Senior in the Lubar School of Business and intramural sports supervisor

Photo by Brandon Lemke

Dominic Biagioli

Photo by Brandon Lemke

Guqeena Baker

Friendly rivalries: “RiverView and Cambridge Commons residents got together to play a friendly ‘tag’ football game during the first week…. I love UWM putting on these events for us; great way to meet other freshmen.”
Ququeena BakerFreshman living in Cambridge Commons
Community concert: “On our floor, it was really quiet for the first two weeks. Just last Sunday, we found out that there’s a girl on our floor who’s an amazing guitarist and has a really great voice. She decided to play, and pretty soon the entire floor was out listening to her. It was a really great community moment because until then, both floors had closed doors.”Drew SchusterFreshman pre-med student in the College of Letters & Science
Photo by Tina Wagner

Drew Schuster

Photo by Tina Wagner

Jessica Dornfeld

Bright lights, big city “Coming from a small town, walking around and seeing everyone from different cultures, has been the best part of being here so far. I really like the diversity. Riding the bus is pretty interesting; I didn’t know it was going to be so hard to stand up on!”
Jessica DornfeldFreshman from Hudson, Wis. (pop. 12,000)
Photo by Tina Wagner

Alex Kostel
Get uncomfortable “As a freshman, I got involved with the student senate, but never thought I would be president of Student Association. To all the freshmen, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and find your niche.”Alex Kostal
Junior and Student Association president (second row, second from right)

Photo by Tina Wagner

Andrew Xiong

Inside the freshman mind“I have more than 175 students in two groups: the freshman honor students and an LLC, which is a Living Learning Community. I get to work with students from multiple backgrounds
“The main concern for new students is definitely making friends. They’re always concerned about living on campus or off campus, and how to make connections.”

Andrew XiongJunior anthropology major and First Year Center Mentor