Competitive giving inspires SECC 2011

SECCThe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee State and University Employees Combined Giving Campaign (SECC) runs from Oct. 3-Nov. 23, 2011, raising funds for community nonprofits serving a variety of needs across Wisconsin.

UWM plays a special role in the statewide feel-good fundraiser. The faculty and staff of this university continue to be the leading SECC contributor in the Milwaukee area. The 2010 campaign generated $115,000 from faculty, staff and retired faculty of UWM.

That’s why the 2011 UWM SECC theme is “Champions Together.”

“There’s no greater feeling of Panther pride than knowing we as an institution serve this region by enrolling and graduating more Wisconsin residents than any other school or college, and we lead the region in SECC contributions,” says UWM SECC Chairwoman and Vice Chancellor for Partnerships and Innovation Joan Prince.

“The UWM community serves Milwaukee in so very many ways, and SECC is no exception. Financial contributions of any size are more necessary now than they have been at any point in the last 10 years.”

Once again, colleagues and campaign volunteers promise to make the October 3-Nov. 23 giving season a lively time on campus. Give-aways, prize drawings, bake sales and competitions are already underway. Watch for more information.

Donors can allocate their SECC contributions to one or more of the 300-plus eligible organizations, or to umbrella groups that function as a coalition of nonprofits pursuing a shared mission, e.g., Community Health Charities of Wisconsin or the United Performing Arts Fund.

SECC 2011 campaign materials will be delivered soon to UWM faculty and staff. For more information, materials and updates on special SECC promotions, visit

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