Week Ending March 8, 2012


Rainwater harvesting, reuse benefits are focus of new partnership, website
Water World – March 7, 2012
A case study featured on the website details the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) project developed by Watertronics engineers in 2010 to reduce a residence hall’s municipal water usage for irrigation by nearly 100%.

A LEGO-acy in the making
Baraboo News Republic – March 2, 2012
Stigen, a 25-year-old graphic design student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, already has earned a bachelor of science degree from the university’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

‘Brogrammer’ Culture? Puhleeeese
IT Business Edge – March 2, 2012
A study last year by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that women engineers were more likely to leave the field because they were uncomfortable with the work culture than for family reasons.

A powerful argument for blocking Wisconsin’s voter ID law
Capital Times – March 2, 2012
Mayer said his estimate was based on a 2005 analysis by a UW-Milwaukee professor that showed a “surprisingly large” number of people in Wisconsin lack valid driver’s licenses — a key form of ID.

Steinem: More work on women’s issues
Milwaukee Business Journal –March 2, 2012
Steinem will be at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee March 30,as the keynote speaker at the Women Leaders Conference, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education.

Mike Isabella’s pizza cutter is still only skin-deep
The Washington Post – March 1, 2012
Mentions Top Chef contestant Mike Isabella’s tattoo based on a pizza cutters designed by Peck School of the Arts faculty Frankie Flood.

Lack of lining in pond blamed in bluff collapse at We Energies site
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – March 1, 2012
The DNR findings echo the perspective offered by Doug Cherkauer, emeritus geosciences professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, days after the collapse. At the time, he said building the storm water pond so close to the old ravine the utility had used as an ash disposal area and without a lining were a pair of bad decisions.