UWM in the News, Week Ending April 12, 2012


OPINION: UWM proposal critical to success
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – April 7, 2012
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Innovation Park is now under construction in Wauwatosa. Its goal is to become the largest driver of economic development for southeastern Wisconsin in the 21st-century, knowledge-based economy.

UWM leads reinvention parade
Biztimes.com – April 12, 2012
Flash back six years ago: The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee had almost no commercial intellectual property; then-Chancellor Carlos Santiago often lamented that there had been no construction cranes over his campus for decades; and academic R&D was at a low level.

Ryan says no VP talk with Romney; UWM prof predicts Walker instead
620 WTMJ – April 10, 2012
UWM government affairs professor Mordecai Lee says there’s a reason Ryan shies away from the question involving a possible role as a running mate for Mitt Romney.

Taking a shot at their own? Wisconsin union portrays Democratic mayor as Walker ally
Fox News – April 9, 2012
“We are seeing this sort of arms race. … We are going to be seeing spending between now and the June election that is going to be just unprecedented,” University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Mordecai Lee said.

The 1940 Census
90.5 Essential Public Radio (Pittsburgh) – April 9, 2012
We’ll learn about the importance of this census with Margo Anderson, Professor of History and Urban Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

On the Capitol: Calls from God and casting calls
Wisconsin State Journal – April 7, 2012
This week former state lawmaker and UW-Milwaukee political science professor Mordecai Lee went out on a limb with a prediction so bold that it caused a bit of a spit take.

Modern Thermometers
Wall Street Journal – April 6, 2012
“The ‘experience’ of temperature is quite subjective,” said Mark D. Schwartz, chair of the geography department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Solving the Challenges of Building a Sustainable Peace
WUWM – April 6, 2012
Robert Ricigliano takes on several of the paradoxes of building a sustainable peace, in his new book.

Early exposure to BPA affects learning
Dr. Bicuspid – April 6, 2012
Young children who are exposed to the controversial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) could develop learning and memory problems as adults, according to a study by Daniel Weber, a researcher at the Children’s Environmental Health Sciences Core Center at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Robert Tanguay of Oregon State University.


Sandy Botham steps down as UWM women’s basketball coach
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – April 9, 2012
UWM women’s basketball coach Sandy Botham, the winningest head coach in Horizon League history, is stepping down after 16 years to take a position with the school’s Alumni Association.