Request For Proposal To Facilitate UWM Strategic Planning Process

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is seeking the assistance of a faculty or staff member to serve as a facilitator for a comprehensive strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning Requirements and Deliverables

The overarching goal of the process is to develop a plan that helps the University to realize the vision articulated in the Chancellor’s vision statement:

We will be a top-tier research university that will be the best place to learn and work for students, faculty and staff, and a leading driver for sustainable prosperity. We will accomplish this through a commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, community and global engagement, and collaborative partnerships.

The focus of the strategic planning process should be a 2013-2020 time horizon.   The planning process should be conducted over 9 months during the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Mandatory Requirements

The facilitator should perform the following:

  • Facilitate the strategic-planning process from beginning to end, affirming and articulating UWM’s values, vision and mission while forging a sense of shared purpose among the various constituencies represented in the process, while helping them make the difficult choices that strategic planning entails.
  • Provide a process that allows the whole community–its faculty, staff, students, alumni and others–to take ownership of the plan through extensive involvement in its development.
  • Provide a process that emphasizes the linkage between vision (focus), strategy (direction), and resource allocation (alignment)
  • Provide a process that integrates strategic planning with existing campus wide strategically focused planning initiatives such as Best Place to Work, Inclusive Excellence, UWM’s Digital Future, etc.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the important issues currently facing public universities and higher education generally.

 Project Deliverables

The facilitator, in consultation with University staff, will develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes the following:

  • Identification of the University’s strengths and strategies to improve upon weaknesses.
  • An environmental scan to describe the likely challenges UWM faces in the future in the context of external trends.
  • Clear attainable, measurable goals, objectives and timelines within the vision and mission of the University, including but not limited to, facility, research, academic and non-academic programming, admissions, financial aid, retention, revenues/funding, marketing, student life, athletics and student enrollment.

The facilitator will report to Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Johannes Britz and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs Christy Brown, who have been charged by the Chancellor with overseeing the strategic planning process.


Faculty or staff who are interested in serving as the facilitator should submit a written proposal by 5 p.m. Friday, May 25 outlining their proposed approach to strategic planning and relevant experience. Note that this position will entail some portion of a position buy out, subject to negotiation, for the duration of the planning process.

Upon review of proposals, finalists will be invited to make a presentation to Chancellor Michael Lovell, Vice Chancellors Johannes Britz and Christy Brown, and campus governance leaders.  The facilitator will be selected on or around June 15, 2012. She or he will have the summer to lay the foundation for a 9-month planning process, to take place over the 2012-13 academic year. The final draft of the strategic plan should be completed by June 2013.