Student Affairs Division announces reorganization

Over six months ago, as a section of the Chancellor’s Restructuring plan, the Departments of Enrollment Services, Recruitment & Outreach, The Student Success Center, The Office of Financial Aid, Student Employment, & Military Benefits were all moved to the Division of Student Affairs. In order to align the vision, goals, and operations of these offices, as well as to streamline processes for our incoming and returning students, I am announcing the creation of a new unit: The Office of Enrollment Management. This unit will be led by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, who will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive and strategic plan for recruitment and retention in order to achieve the enrollment goals of UWM.  This position is currently in recruitment.

To provide each current and prospective student the opportunity to receive an exemplary experience, a realignment of functions will take place, creating new departments from existing departments.  The Admissions function will be joined more closely with Recruitment, thus creating the new Department of Admissions & Recruitment. Jan Ford will lead this newly created department.

The Registrar function, formally a component of the Department of Enrollment Services, will be its own unique department, University Registrar’s Office, with Beth Warner acting as University Registrar.

With technology being such a key component in the overall operations of Enrollment Management and affecting the attainment of strategic goals, the Department of Technology Services for Enrollment Management will be created to centralize the technology functions and will report to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management. Bob Meyer will be acting Director for this area.

The Student Success Center, under the Direction of Ericca Rolland, will incorporate the present First-Year Center, providing orientation programs and support services for all first-time, first-year students, as well as the newly created Transfer and Adult Returning Student Center, providing similar services to that population.

The remaining area, University Financial Aid Office, led by Dr. Jane Hojan-Clark, will remain relatively unchanged.

Additionally, Beth Weckmueller will remain with the Enrollment Management unit in a new capacity, tentative titled Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management.  She will continue to guide and support the transition to the creation of The Office of Enrollment Management; advise the Vice Chancellor and Associate Vice Chancellor on emerging issues and opportunities; and play a leadership role in advancing campus strategic enrollment and retention initiatives, particularly those which cross departmental or divisional lines.

Michael R. Laliberte
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Download the Enrollment Management Unit Chart (PDF)