UWM focuses on places, programs and people

UWM Chancellor Michael R. Lovell addresses the UW Regents

Places, programs and people were presentation pivot points for UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Michael R. Lovell at the Board of Regents Thursday morning. The three P’s, as Chancellor Lovell called them, only gain value in total. UWM has $300 million in capital projects under way, but places have no value without strong and relevant programs. And similarly, he said, “The best places and programs would not matter if we did not have the best people.”

Five UWM-created videos were used to illustrate the presentation, titled “UW-Milwaukee: Building a Better Wisconsin”:

Chancellor Lovell also explained how UWM is supporting its people through its Best Place to Work process. Several initiatives are moving forward in the areas of leadership, career, workplace and rewards. He said the university continues its dual mission of research and access, and has added the new component of becoming the best place to learn and work. The emphasis ties in to the university’s new vision statement that was developed by individuals from across campus over the past year.

To help illuminate segments of the presentation, Chancellor Lovell was joined by MaryAnn Wright, Vice President Global Technology and Innovation for Johnson Controls Power Solutions; Dean Amhaus, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Water Council; Magda Peck, Dean of the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health; and David Garman, Dean of the School of Freshwater Sciences. Both of the deans have joined UWM in the past year and are the founding lead academic officers for their schools.