Summer workshops at the Peck School

The Peck School of the Arts offers a number of exciting summer workshops open to individuals at beginner through advanced levels. For more information or registration, call the box office at 414-229-4308 or visit


The Music of Leo Kottke Guitar Workshop
Friday-Sunday, July 27-29

UWM offers an intensive, three-day workshop on the music of guitarist/composer Leo Kottke which will bring together unparalleled resources for the study of three of his compositions. Archival video, enhanced computer capabilities and specifically designed pedagogical materials will enable participants to study these pieces in depth. Students should have at least some intermediate facility on the guitar and be able to read tablature.

The workshop is taught at Kenilworth Square East, and also is available as a series of individual lessons via Skype. For more information about this distance-learning option, contact John Stropes, director of Guitar Studies, Finger-Style Guitar, at or 262-994-8710. A residential option is available at Kenilworth Square. Contact UWM Guest Housing at or 414-229-6588 and specify that you are reserving for the Leo Kottke Workshop.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Workshops

Jewelers and metalsmiths of all skill levels can expand their skills with exciting and challenging summer workshops. Although recommended levels are indicated for some workshops, they are open to all levels. Participants will investigate a variety of techniques and processes, learn new ways to solve problems in metal and explore their creative potential. Those interested may take all 12 workshops or pick the ones that intrigue them most.

All workshops are conducted in the Art Building. Fee for the intensive four-week Introduction to Jewelry & Metalsmithing is $900; all other workshops are $150. Specific information is available at

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, May 29-June 23
9 a.m.-1:45 p.m.

Develop design skills and technical competency, and explore metalsmithing as an art form. This four-week intensive course is a noncredit introduction to major aspects of metalworking and jewelry. No prerequisite.

Make Pop-up Earrings
Saturday & Sunday, June 23 & 24
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Make your first pair of pop-up earrings as you learn the fundamentals of jewelry making: sawing, piercing, filing, sanding, forming and basic soldering. A great workshop for beginners!

Monday-Wednesday, June 25-27
6-9 p.m.

Learn how to emboss and incorporate a variety of metals in your design of a sterling-silver sleeved ring. Roller printing, hammering, soldering and patination techniques will be covered.

Recommended prerequisite: Sawing and Piercing workshop.

ENAMELING: Make a Pendant
Saturday & Sunday, June 30 & July 1
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Learn the ancient technique of cloisonné enameling. By layering and fusing a variety of opaque and transparent glass powders, students will create a one-of-a-kind, colorful pendant.

No prerequisite.

Monday-Wednesday, July 9-11
6-9 p.m.

Learn a variety of wire-working techniques, from twisting and hammering to small-scale soldering and simple clasp construction. Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet with a variety of metals, from sterling silver to copper. The options are limitless.

Recommended prerequisite: Sawing and Piercing workshop.

WORKING WITH STEEL WIRE: Making Steel Rings and Pendants
Saturday & Sunday, July 14 & 15
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Explore the process of working with steel wire in jewelry. Cut, bend, shape and use sterling-silver and gold solder to create three-dimensional forms. Make samples using the processes and then create a variety of jewelry forms, from rings to pendants. Recommended prerequisite: Sawing and Piercing workshop.


Make a Ring
Monday-Wednesday, July 16-18
6-9 p.m.

Have you always wanted to add stones or other materials to your jewelry? Learn the process of creating bezels and tabs to trap a variety of materials, from the traditional stones to plastics. Design and create a silver band and then solder your handmade “trapping” to set your material or stone! Recommended prerequisites:
Sawing and Piercing workshop; Embossing and Soldering workshop.

ADVANCED SOLDERING: Make a Container with Fitted Lid
Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Take your metalsmithing skills to the next level. Learn advanced techniques in large-scale silver soldering and fabricate a container with riveted lid using 18-gauge copper and brass. Students will also dive into various surface techniques, including roller printing, hammering, sawing
and piercing, and patination. Recommended prerequisites: Sawing and Piercing workshop; Embossing and Soldering workshop.

DIE FORMING: Make a Tea Strainer
Monday-Wednesday, July 23-25
6-9 p.m.

Explore the process of hydraulic die forming and decorative sawing and piercing to create your own tea strainer. Use acrylic dyes to make a three-dimensional sterling-silver form that you can customize with your own designs.

Recommended prerequisite: Sawing and Piercing workshop.

POWDER COATING: Give That Object Some Color
Saturday & Sunday, July 28 & 29
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Bring a plain metal object and learn the techniques of powder coating – metal prep, masking, shooting color and curing. Students will make samples using these processes and will have the opportunity to color objects made in earlier workshops. No prerequisite.

Monday-Wednesday, July 30-Aug. 1
6-9 p.m.

Use the metal-forming process of sinking to create a bowl, and explore other copper and steel metal-shaping
techniques such as angle raising, English wheel and air planisher. No prerequisite.

BRONZE CASTING: Make a Bronze Relief
Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 4 & 5
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Design and carve bonded-sand scratch blocks, and prepare them for metal casting. Metal finishing and patination techniques will be applied to the cast object. Students will have the opportunity to participate in pouring their mold. No prerequisite.

METAL FABRICATION AND MIG WELDING: Construct Small-Scale Fabrication Tools and Sheet-Metal Bending Break
Monday-Wednesday, Aug. 6-8
6-9 p.m.

Explore the process of MIG Welding and various metal fabrication techniques. Introduction to basic steel fabricating tools and equipment – 4½” hand grinder, cut-off wheels and abrasives, band saws, rolling mill for rod and sheet, sandblasting, buffing and drill press. No prerequisite.