Book examines media influence on travel and tourism in postwar America

MILWAUKEE – At the peak of the 2012 summer travel season, a new book, “The Holiday Makers: Magazines, Advertising and Mass Tourism in Postwar America,” looks at the development of the modern tourism industry and its changing role in American culture, from the advent of slick and glossy magazine ads to the advanced lifestyle-marketing techniques the industry helped to pioneer.

The author is Richard Popp, an assistant professor of journalism, advertising and media studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In mid-20th-century America, mass tourism became emblematic of the expanding horizons associated with an affluent, industrial society. The magazine industry serves as a window into postwar media and consumer society, showing how the dynamics of market research and commercial print helped shaped ideas about place, mobility and class.

By offering a prototype for new forms of marketing thought that connected leisure, lifestyles and a postindustrial service economy, the selling of mid-20th-century travel helped usher in a more segmented and experience-oriented consumer culture.

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