UWM in the News: Week ending July 26, 2012


OPINION International AIDS Conference: Sub-Saharan Africa
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 25, 2012
Peninnah M. Kako (Nursing) is blogging for Pulse while attending sessions on Tuesday at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C.:

OPINION Chicago Regional Unity? Milwaukee Takes The Lead
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs – July 20, 2012
Milwaukee already has set itself up as the freshwater capital of the world with its Water Council and the new Freshwater School at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

SEP campaign team speaks with students and workers at Milwaukee Area colleges
World Socialist Website – July 26, 2012
UWM has faced six straight years of tuition hikes, with the Regents voting 17-1 earlier this month for another 5.5 percent increase to take effect this fall. Tuition has doubled in the last decade.

U.S. Forest Products Lab to open nanomaterials plant
Nanovip – July 25, 2012
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is involved in nanotechnology, developing things such as self-healing metals that can repair themselves.

Medical College of Wisconsin and Somna Therapeutics Complete Licensing Agreement
Medical College of Wisconsin News – July 25, 2012
UWM is one of 8 partnering institutions in the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI) whose contributions aided in the development of The Reza Band. A device that helps prevent acid reflex.

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Blue light to be studied as MRSA therapy
Wauwatosa Now – July 25, 2012
Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin received a one-year, $20,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI) to study the use of blue light as a possible therapy for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection in humans.

VISTA Offers Utility Gas Meter Change-out Safety Video via Innovative Public-Private Sector Partnership

Equipment World – July 24, 2012
VISTA Training, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with the Consortium for Advanced Research in Gas Industries (CARGI) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to be the exclusive sales agent for its gas meter change-out safety video.

Report says state lost 11,700 private sector jobs in June
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 20, 2012
“The latest numbers evidence the continued fits and starts of an incredibly slow and painful recovery of the labor market,” said John Heywood, economics professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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Oldest spiral galaxy in universe discovered
CBS – July 18, 2012
Astronomers from UW-Milwaukee contributed to the discovery the universe’s most ancient spiral galaxy yet, a cosmic structure that dates back roughly 10.7 billion years.

“Bank walkaways” contribute to glut of abandoned properties in Milwaukee
Fox6 News – July 8, 2012
Professor Kundan Kishor (Economics) says there are both economic and social problems that result from abandoned foreclosures.