UWM theses and dissertations going electronic

After completing a thesis or dissertation, the typical UWM graduate student packs it into a box and marks the culmination of years of work with a walk to Graduate Student Services or a trip to the post office.

But starting this summer, graduate students can simply click “Submit” on the ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) Administrator website.

UWM has joined almost 400 other U.S. colleges and universities who use the site, operated by ProQuest, a national repository for dissertations and theses.

UWM’s first electronic dissertation was submitted July 16 by Ayala Gorodzinsky, a psychology student whose dissertation explores parents’ approaches to treating their children’s pain at home.

Gorodzinsky submitted her printed master’s thesis to the Graduate School in 2010. While she admits missing the feeling of holding the finished project in her hands this time around, she says the new system was a better option. “The time to prepare and submit electronically is much less, especially given that I am not on campus very often anymore,” she says. “I did not have to make an appointment to see [the doctoral student specialist] for approval. I was able to submit the extra forms to the Graduate School at my leisure after the electronic submission was completed.”

She is quick to add that the new system did not come at the expense of support from Graduate School staff. “[They] were still very helpful and available, despite using the electronic submission process instead of the traditional process.”

Electronic submission is optional for UWM graduate students this summer. It will be mandatory beginning in the fall term.

Read more about ETD at the UWM Graduate School website.