UWM Telephone Dialing Instructions

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UWM Telephone Dialing Instructions

CenturyLink has replaced AT&T as UWM’s long-distance carrier. With this change, it is more important than ever to use the correct dialing procedures when making outbound calls from the Kenwood, School of Continuing Education and Joseph J. Zibler School of Public Health campuses (229 and 227 prefixes).Failure to follow these procedures correctly can cause your department to incur and be billed for substantial phone charges.

For long-distance and directory assistance phone calls, dial 8.

For local and toll-free calls, dial 9.

Helpful Tips

While AT&T remains UWM’s local service provider and the carrier for local calls (most of which are at no charge), charges can be incurred for:

  • Operator assistance
  • Directory assistance
  • Calls to some 262 area code (AC) numbers

To mitigate these charges, utilize the free directory assistance available at

Additionally, when making a directory assistance phone call, dial the number yourself rather than having the operator connect you. Operator-assisted calls can be costly, especially for international calls.

Also, when dialing the “262” area code dial “8” or check the AT&T Local Calling Area website to verify local access (dial “9” for local access “262” area code calls).


Visit the UWM Phone Services website at PhoneServices.uwm.edu