Alternative contributions to food drive possible

Can’t bring a can to work? But you want to contribute to the food drive?

Hunger Task Force (HTF) always needs money to buy perishable items such as fresh milk, meat and eggs.

As an example, every dollar donated can provide nearly $5 worth of food for those in need when purchased from discount sources available to HTF. This year making a monetary donation has been simplified.

If you are on Campus and want to donate by check or cash, go to the UW Credit Union in the Student Union armed with account number 0470283202 and make a donation to UWM’s annual food drive.

If you prefer donating using a credit card, you can go directly to the Hunger Task Force website,

To give UWM the credit for the donation, When you  come to this line on the HTF hunger page:
“If this donation is made on behalf of a company, Tell them to please enter the company name:”    enter University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Thanks for giving.  UWM works when we work together.