UWM in the News: Week Ending Nov. 21,2012


UW-Milwaukee student government latest group to support Palermo union
Milwaukee Business Journal – November 20, 2012
UWM Student Association Senate on Sunday passed a resolution demanding the school’s administration stop selling Palermo Villa Inc. pizza on campus until the Milwaukee manufacturer’s labor dispute is resolved, according to a press release.

Vision stimulates courtship calls in the grey tree frog
Phys.org – November 19, 2012
Male tree frogs like to ‘see what they’re getting’ when they select females for mating, according to a new study by Dr. Michael Reichert (Biosciences). His work, which is one of the first to test the importance of vision on male mating behaviors in a nocturnal anuran

Sports medicine gives Brewers edge
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 19, 2012
Professor Kyle Ebersole (Human Movement Sciences), made a presentation at the Brewers ninth annual medical symposium at Miller Park, a three-day affair involving 45 men and women, including trainers, physicians and strength and conditioning coaches from throughout the organization.

Next legislative session could be as fractious as the last
Wisconsin State Journal – November 28, 2012
UWM professor and former Democratic state legislator Mordecai Lee (Government Affairs) said the 2013-14 session could be similar to the 2011-12 session, when Republicans had the run of state government, and the 09-10 session, when Democrats did.

Intangible benefits of facility, team must be considered
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 16, 2012
Marc Levine (History) criticized efforts to develop a platform for public participation in the development of a downtown arena to replace the Bradley Center.

Our Drugs Make Fish Flounder
nature.com – November 16, 2012
Professor Rebecca Klaper (School of Freshwater Sciences), researches the effects of pharmaceuticals on aquatic species

Should You Take a Vacation From Checking Your Email?
Mashable – November 15, 2012
Noelle Chesley, associate professor in the Department of Sociology at UWM, tells Mashable that communication technology, like smartphones and social media, blur the lines between our private lives and our public selves.


OPINION: Former AD Andy Geiger says ‘Maryland will be challenged’ in Big Ten
The Baltimore Sun – November 20, 2012
UWM Athletic Director Andy Geiger comments on Maryland joining Big Ten.

Panthers hold off Davidson charge
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 17, 2012
The UW-Milwaukee Panthers are leaving no doubt they can hang with the big boys when they play their brand of basketball.


UWM serves ‘Lear’ with a Russian twist
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – November 16, 2012
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses the uniqueness and overall quality of UWM’s production of “Shakespeare’s King Lear”.