‘Borders, Boundaries and Peace’ conference to explore challenges

Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies

Borders and boundaries – physical or socially constructed, fixed or dynamic – relate closely to peace. What are the ways in which borders and boundaries influence peace? Can peace change borders and boundaries? Do borders and boundaries provide opportunities for building peace?

“Borders, Boundaries and Peace” will be explored during a conference at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, 1240 N. 10th St., on Thursday, Feb. 28, and Friday, March 1. There will be an evening dinner and reception at Mo’s Irish Pub, 142 W. Wisconsin Ave., on Thursday evening.

Co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and UWM’s Partnership in Sustainability and Peacebuilding, the conference features a variety of presentations by faculty, students and professionals from Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. Presenters represent disciplines from peace studies to religion to international development to art therapy and beyond.

Visit www.wisconsin-institute.org  for the conference program and registration information.

Conference keynote speakers include:


  • Magda Peck, dean, Zilber School of Public Health, UWM
  • Jenny Kehl, director, Center for Water Policy, UWM
  • Melanie Greenberg, president and CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding


  • Johannes Britz, provost, UWM
  • Michelle Breslauer, U.S. program manager, Institute for Economics and Peace

About the Partnership in Sustainability and Peacebuilding:  The Partnership in Sustainability and Peacebuilding (PSP) is dedicated to furthering the theory and practice of using systemic approaches to peacebuilding as a means to achieve sustainable human security. The partnership supports the implementation of holistic and interdisciplinary approaches through research, practice, outreach and the coordination of a new professional master’s degree, the interdisciplinary Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding (MSP), slated to begin in 2014. For more information, visit www.peacebuilding.uwm.edu or contact: Bridget Brown, program coordinator, 414-229-4252, brownbn@uwm.edu ).