Apr. 30, “The Lives of Cora Anderson: A ‘Girl-Man’ in Milwaukee, 1904-1914″

Attend the free presentation by Matt Prigge (UWM PhD candidate, History) titled “The Lives of Cora Anderson: A ‘Girl-Man’ in Milwaukee, 1904-1914,” in the Wisconsin Room Lounge, 2nd floor of the Student Union, on Tuesday, Apr. 30, at 7pm. Born and identifying as female until adulthood, Cora Anderson lived and identified as a married man for almost a decade in Milwaukee before he was “outed” by his wife during the early 20th century. Matt’s research on Anderson was  published in the most recent issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History (spring 2012). This event is cosponsored by the UWM Department of History and the Milwaukee Historical Society.