National Undergraduate Research conference

Following is a complete list of UWM students taking part in the National Undergraduate Research conference.

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Title Type Subject Submitter Name
Fermentation Optimizations For The Efficient Production of Thailanstatin A By Burkholderia Thailandensis Msmb43 Poster Biology Christopher Antapli
Neighborhoods Project Visual Arts Exhibit Film/Photography Studies Bernard Bautista
“Hot” and “Cool” Executive Functioning in Children With Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Poster Psychology David Bennett
Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Comparison to Computed Tomography and Cryoimaging For Determination of Bone Microarchitecture Oral Engineering/Engineering Technology Lauren Bersie
Adaptive Behavior in Children With Nf-1 Considering The Role of Intellectual Functioning Poster Psychology Alina Colon
Materials Testing of A Lithium Ion Battery Separator For Use in Finite Element Analysis Poster Engineering/Engineering Technology Alex Francis
Multimodal Signals in Male Gray Tree Frogs (Hyla Versicolor) and The Influence of Vocal Sac Size on Female Mate Choice. Poster Biology Holland Galante
Parent Reported Temperament in Young Children With Neurofibromatosis-1 Poster Psychology Dana Haberman
Role of Multifocal Lens Glasses on Walking Balance in People With Parkinson’s Disease Poster Physical/Occupational Therapy/Speech Language Pathology Malorie Hauch
Importance of Remineralization of Cladophora-Epiphyte Assemblages on Silicate Cycling in Lake Michigan Poster Biology Kolin Konjura
Effect of Nanosilica Particles on Fatigue Strength of Polymethyl Methacrylate Bone Cement Oral Engineering/Engineering Technology Joseph Lange
Extinction of Trace Fear Conditioning Requires The Retrosplenial Cortex. Poster Neuroscience Jonathan Lee
Functional Status Outcomes For Patients With Lumbar Spine Impairments Seeking Outpatient Rehabilitation Poster Physical/Occupational Therapy/Speech Language Pathology Emily Longwell-Grice
Effect of Long Term Training on Interlimb Transfer of Visuomotor Adaptation Poster Kinesiology & Exercise Science Katie Marek
Observing Zooplankton Behavior in The Presence of Micro-Oil Droplets Oral Biological Engineering Jeffrey Motschman
Partners in Pursuit of The Promise: Breast Cancer Screening Disparities in Milwaukee County Oral Nursing Keighla Mueller
The Effects of Online Versus In-Person Administration of Behavioral Activation Task Assignments: The Potential Role of Accountability Oral Psychology Joseph Murphy
Formation of Disulfide Bonds By The Cleavage of Triphenylmethyl Protecting Group in The Presence of Allyl Alcohol Poster Chemistry Daniel Murphy
Herringbone Micro-Mixer Geometries on Mixing Efficiencies in Microchannel Poster Engineering/Engineering Technology Maria Najera
Expression and Purification of The Vitamin D Receptor Ligand Binding Domain For The Identification of Vitamin D Receptor Coactivator Inhibitors Poster Biochemistry Nicholas Nassif
Breast Cancer Awareness, Understanding, Screening, Survivor Support and Empowerment Community-Based Participatory Research Project: B’caussse Cbrp Oral Nursing Florine Ndakuya
Counterbalancing Administration of Elementary Cognitive Tasks to Define Executive Functions Poster Psychology Sydney Park
Human-Computer Interaction: Musical Improvisation and ‘Siim’ Performing Arts Music Performance Elliot Patros
Attention Modification in The Treatment of Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder Poster Psychology Whitney Qualls
Relationship of College Adjustment and Cognitive Performance in Learning Disability Referrals: Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire Poster Psychology Mary Reamer
A Review of Technology-Based Interventions to Improve Std Self-Management Poster Nursing Samreena Rizeq
What Women in The United States Virgin Islands Still Want and Need to Know About HPV, Cervical Cancer and Condom Use Oral Nursing Rebecca Robinson
Comparative Genomics of Source-Specific Lachnospiraceae Poster Microbiology & Immunology Morgan Schroeder
Methods For Peptide Coupling and Purification Poster Chemistry Brian Spindler
Aphrodite’s Inner Sanctum: An Exploration of Natural and Cultured Eros in Ancient Greek Pulp Fiction Oral Literature David Stock
Fractured Crossings: A Look At Two Mid-Nineteenth Century German Cemeteries From Southeastern Wisconsin Oral Anthropology & Archeology David Stock
Investigation of The Effects of Spatial Scale on The Biodiversity-Productivity Relationship in Savannah Ecosystems. Oral Ecology & Organismal Biology Joseph Strini
Hibernation Patterns of A Southeastern Wisconsin Bat Hibernaculum Oral Biology Jordana Stuntebeck
The Effect of Mental Fatigue on Emotion Regulation: An Erp Study Poster Psychology Anthony Tadych
Early Language Development in Children With Nf1 Poster Psychology Sara Waldron
Examining Inhibitory Control in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Poster Psychology Bridgette White
Afrocentric Education: A Contextual Model of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Oral Education Erica Woods
Development and Analysis of a Predictive Mathematical Model Relating Transmission and Fluorescence to Light Attenuation in Lake Michigan Oral Mathematics Timothy Zeidler