More information about UWM cash balances

Dear UWM Faculty, Staff and Students

Since the controversy over cash balance funds in the UW System began, UWM administration has been working to communicate the facts about our institution’s finances.  Last week’s campus message from Chancellor Lovell — that UWM does NOT have a large, uncommitted cash balance — has been shared with elected officials and media organizations throughout the state.

Because of your connection to UWM, we thought it would be helpful for you to see two recent media reports that help put the cash balance issue into perspective.

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel carried an op-ed piece written by Larry Goldstein, a nationally recognized expert in higher education finance, who has been working with UWM the past year to help develop a new budget model for our campus.  We believe Larry’s assessment of UWM’s cash balance situation is an important addition to the ongoing dialogue.

This past Sunday, the Journal Sentinel editorialized on the cash-balance issue and cited the manner in which UWM has handled its cash balances.

Please feel free to share this additional information with your friends, family and colleagues.  We will continue to keep you posted on our efforts to communicate UWM’s position on this issue.


Tom Luljak
Vice Chancellor
University Relations and Communications