May 21, 2013 – Klotsche – Audible Speaker Test

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Audible Speaker


May 21, Tuesday 8:00am to 12:00pm




To all, 

As part of the Campus Mass Notification
installation, audible Speaker
for the fire alarm system will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in the Klotsche Center.


The testing will NOT be conducted
continuously throughout the entire day. The testing will only occur for brief intervals of time. You can expect
to hear either a voice notifying that the testing is being conducted or music
will be played.


Audible Voice Testing:


        Klotsche May 21Tuesday 8:00am
to 12:00pm.


We apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.


Please contact Facility Services
Dispatch at 414-229-4742 with questions and concerns.


Thank you for your cooperation.




Kimberly Jackson 
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Facility Services 
Office Operations Associate 
Work Order & Trouble Call Centers Assistant
University Services and Research Building, Room 139
115 E. Reindl Way 
Glendale, WI 53212