UWM in the News: Week Ending July 25, 2013


Scale Up Milwaukee seeks to create entrepreneurship ecosystem
BizTimes – July 22, 2013
UWM is a partner in the Scale Up Milwaukee project aimed to foster entrepreneurship in Milwaukee.

Want to Help Cure Disease or Discover New Stars? Now You Can, Using Your Smartphone
PR Newswire – July 22, 2013
UWM’s  Center for Gravitation and Cosmology is one of the leaders of  Einstein@Home,  a project aimed to help search for medical cures and unknown pulsars.
Also in: The Wall Street Journal

Three Men, Three Ages. Which Do You Like?
The New York Times – July 22, 2013
Scott J. Adams (Economics) has found that in places where health insurance providers were required to charge companies similar premiums regardless of the age of their workers, the salary of the older worker rose.
Also in: The Wall Street Journal

Increased infertility topic of conference
The Gazette (Montreal) – July 22, 2013
Reinhold Hutz (Biosciences) will speak at a conference in Montreal, Canada regarding his research on human infertility.

How to Swim in Molasses
Scientific American – August 2013
In this story about how organisms move in a viscose environment, Mark McBride (Biological Sciences) is quoted on microbial motility.

Multicultural effort by UWM wins APA award
The Business Journal – July 22, 2013
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee educational psychology program is one of three in the U.S. to win a new award from the American Psychological Association (APA).

Immelt: UW system needs to work more closely with industry
The Business Journal – July 12, 2013
GE lately has made contributions to UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee, including a $3 million advanced computational imaging partnership with UWM and a high-tech battery partnership with UWM, UW-Madison and Johnson Controls Inc.

Water industry pushes ‘purple pipes’ for proposed business park
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 7, 2013
David Garman (Freshwater Sciences) is recognized for being a supporter of the proposed pilot gray water reactor.