UWM in the News: Week Ending Aug. 13, 2013


Researchers Identify New Molecules Necessary for Memory Formation
Innovations Report – August 8, 2013
A study led by Karyn Frick (Psychology), identifies a new cellular mechanism necessary for memory.

3 websites available to check for area beach water quality
WISN 12 – August 15, 2013
A partnership between the City of Milwaukee Health Department and UWM’s school of public health, beachgoers are more able to access water quality conditions for Milwaukee’s beaches.

Is Poison Ivy Getting Nastier?
PBS News Hour – August 14, 2013
UWM Professor Stefan Schnitzer’s study on the abundance of poison ivy in Wisconsin is cited in an article about national poison ivy growth relating to CO2 levels.

To Change Your Search Results, It Will Cost You
Here & Now – August 13, 2013
Professor Michael Zimmer (Information Studies) comments on issues with internet privacy, “It’s going to be hard to be unGoogleable, but at least you can try to monitor and manage a little bit what about what is discoverable about you.”

UW-Milwaukee group testing Lake Winnebago water quality
620WTMJ – August 12, 2013
A group from UW-Milwaukee is testing the lake water to see if it contains hidden toxins.

Can Lake Michigan perch be revived?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – August 10, 2013
Professor John Janssen (Freshwater Science), comments on why there is a lack of perch in Lake Michigan.

Sometimes Second-Best Makes a Better Role Model
The New York Times – August 10, 2013
Belle Rose Ragins (Business), who studies workplace mentors says “high performers aren’t always the best mentors because the work is very easy for them”

UW-Milwaukee Students Excavating Temple Mound At Aztalan State Park
Lake Mills Leader – August 9, 2013
UWM students carefully dig in two spots which were once the ancient Middle-Mississippian village’s temple mound location.