UWM Monthly Media Report – Aug. 13

National news outlets

Total Media Hits at a Glance

National News: 11
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 6
State Media: 5
Broadcast: 4
Business (other than MJS): 2BBC – August 5

BBC – August 5
Turning water into gold
Jenny Kehl (Freshwater Science) says too much water is being taken out of the Nile. She also adds that the Jordan and the Mekong are becoming drier too.

New America Media – August 6
Solutions Target Caregiver Stress
Rhonda Montgomery (Social Welfare) is recognized for her work in developing TCARE  – Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral.

The New York Times – August 10
Sometimes Second-Best Makes a Better Role Model
Belle Rose Ragins (Business), who studies workplace mentors, says “high performers aren’t always the best mentors because the work is very easy for them.”

Scientific American magazine – August
How to swim in molasses
In this story about how organisms move in a viscose environment, Mark McBride (Biological Sciences) is quoted on how microbes move without any outward “gear.”

NPR, “Here & Now”  – August 13
To Change Your Search Results, It Will Cost You
Michael Zimmer (Information Studies) comments on ways to monitor and manage what people can find out about you online.

PBS News Hour – August 14
Is Poison Ivy Getting Nastier?
Stefan Schnitzer’s study on the abundance of poison ivy in Wisconsin is cited in an article about national poison ivy growth relating to CO2 levels.

Science Daily– August 14
Newly identified molecules necessary for memory formation
A new paper from researchers at UWM led by Karyn Frick (Psychology) identifies a new cellular mechanism for memory.

The New Indian Express – August 26
Nadella in running for Microsoft top job
UWM Alumnus Satya Nadella, currently heading Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group, is listed among likely successors to the company’s retiring CEO, Steve Ballmer.

Chicago Tribune – August 28
Study cites benefits of family member accompanying patient in ER
Jane Leske’s (Nursing) research indicates that trauma patients benefit when family members are with them while being resuscitated or treated in the ER.

Slate – August 29
Don’t Text to a Driver!
Rahi Abouk and Scott Adams (Economics) talk about the different types of state texting laws.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

August 8
In defense of the humanities
Rachel Ida Buff (History) writes an opinion piece defending funding for programs in the humanities.

August 10
Can Lake Michigan perch be revived?
John Janssen (Freshwater Science), explains why perch are dwindling in Lake Michigan.

August 6
UWM group testing Lake Winnebago water quality
A group from UW-Milwaukee is testing the lake water to see if it contains hidden toxins.
Also in: WTMJ4, Star Tribune, fdlreporter.com, and NBC 26

August 17
Device built by UW-Milwaukee professor calms water’s turbulence data
A new device built by UWM Professor Qian Liao (Engineering) could help scientists understand how large bodies of water affect climate.

Milwaukee looks to revive Inner Harbor area in Walker’s Point
Several UWM faculty and staff comment on the status of development projects surrounding the Port of Milwaukee, which includes the School of Freshwater Sciences.

August 22
Obama unveils college aid system, touts UW’s Flexible Option
During his speech on the rising costs of higher education, President Obama mentions the UW-System’s new Flexible Option Degree program being introduced at UWM this Fall.


Milwaukee Magazine – August
Rebuilding the Ivory Towers
Chancellor Michael Lovell discusses the importance of critical thinking in higher education: preparing students for “jobs that don’t exist yet.”

Mind the Gap
Professor Mark Levine’s (History) research on the employment skills gap in Wisconsin is cited in an article about whether there is a shortage of skilled workers in the state.

M Magazine – August
Alluring Milwaukee
UWM grad Johnathan Jackson has worked hard to help create the Milwaukee International Film Festival.

The Business Journal – August 19
This is your face on cigarettes for 20 years
Hayeon Song (Communication) developed a video game that uses avatars to show smokers what they would look like in the future if they continue to smoke.


WUWM-FM – August 9
Location is a Big Factor of the Wealth Gap
David Pate (Social Welfare) shares insight on race, gender and class issues in Milwaukee.

WISN 12 – August 15
3 websites available to check for area beach water quality
A partnership between the City of Milwaukee Health Department and UWM’s School of Public Health, beachgoers are more able to access water quality conditions for Milwaukee’s beaches.

WUWM-FM – August 23
UW System Among Those Piloting New Options for Working Students
UWM and the UW System’s colleges will rollout the program Flex Option late this year. It will award credits to students who prove they’ve mastered competencies.

WITI-TV Fox6 – August 28
Move-in day goes smoothly for freshmen at UW-Milwaukee
About 2,700 new students moved into the UWM Residence Halls from August 28- August 30th.  Families were surprised with how smoothly the process went.