UWM Monthly Media Report, Sept. 2013

At a Glance

National News: 13
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel4
State Media: 4
Broadcast: 5
Business (other than MJS): 1

National news outlets

The Guardian – September 4
Great Lakes shrinking: what’s the business cost?
Paul Roebber (Atmospheric Science & Freshwater) comments on why water levels in the Great Lakes are so low and what can be done about it.

Scientific American – September 5
Drugs contaminate Lake Michigan
Rebecca Klaper (Freshwater) comments on the impact of drug contamination she found in Lake Michigan, including caffeine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals derived from personal care products.
Also in: Huffington Post, Environmental Health News, Wisconsin Public Radio

USA Today – September 8
Wis. governor, Chippewas battle over open pit mine plan
Jenny Kehl (Freshwater) is quoted in an article about the open pit mine planned for the Bad River watershed.

National Public Radio – September 11
Getting College Credit For What You Already Know
Doris Schoneman (Nursing) talks about the Flex Degree program at UWM.

BBC – September 18
Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail?
Lois Quinn (Employment & Training Institute) talks to about African American incarceration in Wisconsin.
Similar story on NPR

Science Daily – September 18
Study helps deconstruct estrogen’s role in memory
In a new study, Karyn Frick (Psychology) uncovers details about estrogen’s role in the complex cellular communication system underlying memory formation.

Tampa Bay Times – September 27
Rigor in high school, success in college
William L. Holahan (Economics) co-authored an article on how students can prepare for a successful college career.

Fox News – September 20
UN’s massive new climate report adds little explanation for ‘pause’ in warming
Anastasios Tsonis (Mathematical Sciences) comments on the U.N. report on the scientific data behind global warming.
Also in: Agriculture.com

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

September 3
UWM professor tracks orbital garbage

David Kaplan’s (Physics) has devised a way to use a new and powerful radio telescope in Australia to monitor space junk. He is also among the first scientists who will get to use the new telescope for research.

September 4
Industrial design firm Brooks Stevens seeks cool urban location
A regional company is opening a satellite office in the 25,000-square-foot Accelerator Building at UWM’s Innovation Campus.

September 12
Water Center launches
Chancellor Mike Lovell comments on UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences being a part of Milwaukee’s new water technology incubator.

September 7
Efforts to brand Milwaukee as water technology hub reach milestone
UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences will occupy the sixth and seventh floors of the Milwaukee Water Council’s new Global Water Center.

State Media

 Wisconsin Eye – September 3
Newsmakers: UW-Milwaukee Chancellor
Senior Producer of Wisconsin Eye, Steve Walters interviewed UWM Chancellor Michael Lovell.


WITI-TV, Fox6 – September 8
Unique program at UWM helping veterans adjust to civilian life
The UWM Chapter of Student Veterans of America helps student veterans adjust to civilian life after being in the military.

WUWM –FM –  September 10
Book: Dark Side of Biotechnology Is in Our Own Food
Wilhelm Peekhaus, (School of Information Studies) authored a book called Resistance is Fertile: Canadian Struggles on the BioCommons that suggests biotechnology is controlled by corporate interests.

WITI-TV, Fox6 – September 11
Contest already underway to define 2014 governor’s race
Mordecai Lee (Governmental Affairs) shares insight on Scott Walker’s candidacy in the 2014 Governor’s election.

WUWM-FM, – September 26
What happened to all those moon rocks?
Jean Creighton (Physics), astronomy contributor, notes that scientists are still learning from the lunar samples collected 40 years ago.