UWM in the News: Week Ending Jan. 9, 2014

Do attractive CEOs really boost stocks?
Forbes, Jan. 7, 2014
A paper by Joseph T. Halford and Hung-Chia Hsu, both assistant professors in the Lubar School of Business, on the links between the attractiveness of a CEO and a company’s stock performance attracted national media attention.
Also reported in the New York Times and CNBC

Zuckerberg rarely mentions the word “privacy”
CNN, Jan. 7, 2014
CNN takes a look at how Mark Zuckerberg talks about privacy in an online compilation of all his public comments — the Zuckerberg Files, — an archive established by UWM Assistant Professor Michael Zimmer of the School of Information Studies.
History repeats on e-cigarettes
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 8, 2013
Zilber School of Public Health Professor Ruth Etzel’s opinion column on e-cigarettes argues that the electronic cigarettes pose serious dangers, particularly to children.

On a day for resolutions, here are a few of ours…
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 1, 2014
The Journal Sentinel New Year’s editorial cites the good work of the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health at UWM, which is helping raise the profile of public health problems in the area through its research.

Explosion-like sound rattle Fond Du Lac residents
WCCO-TV, Minnesota
UWM seismologist Brett Ketter comments on ice quakes in Fond Du Lac County, and his personal experience with the phenomenon.

A $50 million question
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 8, 2014
Mordecai Lee comments on gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s claims about Trek’s earnings in Europe under her leaderships and her refusal to release the financial results publicly.

Legislative committee to consider bill to expand charter schools
Associated Press Jan. 8, 2014
UWM is among a few institutions that currently authorize charter schools. That may change under proposed legislation.

Hmong Academy teacher crowdsourcing for bio-fuel project.
Jan. 7, 2014, Business Journal
Rick Ferraro, a science teacher at the Hmong-American Peace Academy of Wisconsin, is partnering with UWM on a project to teach his students to make bio-fuel.

Agencies Urged to Engage More Citizens in Government Problem-Solving
Govexec.com, January 7, 2014
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee business professor Satish Nambisan and Priya Nambisan, assistant professor of health informatics and administration, write in a new report that government needs to enlist citizen help in policy problem-solving.

St. Louis nonprofit seeks to lure area start-ups
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 7, 2014
Arch Grants, a St. Louis nonprofit, is approaching several Wisconsin universities, including UWM, and offering selected start-ups $50,000 and free support services for a year – if they’re willing to move to St. Louis.

Absence Of History, Social Studies Requirements In U.S. Education System Causes Concern
Mintpress News.com
Merry E. Wiesner-Hawks, distinguished professor of history at UWM notes that about half of all history teachers — at least in Wisconsin — are primarily employed as coaches.

Rep Needs to tell story – its own
The Business Journal, Jan. 7, 2014
Educational programs of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre include a reading residency program that boosts student literacy significantly, according to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee research.

Middle school students design tomorrow’s cities
Wauwatosa Now, Jan. 8 3014
Longfellow and Whitman middle school students in Wauwatosa are designing the cities of tomorrow, with guidance from guest speakers such as Carolyn Esswein of the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning who helped design improvements in downtown Wauwatosa.

All Politics Blog
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 4, 2014
“I’m guessing” Gov. Scott Walker is “going to be a talk-radio Republican, he’s not going to be a moderate, he’s not going to be interested in compromise and that’ll be a very good base for him to run for president on,” says UWM professor and former Democratic state lawmaker Mordecai Lee, on Wisconsin Public Television’s “Here and Now.”

Mayor Tom Barrett: Jobs, neighborhoods among priorities for 2014
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 4, 2014
This story on Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett and his 2014 plans for the city cites a report released last summer by Marc Levine, director of the UWM’s Center for Economic Development, which found the number of jobs in the city had declined by 14% since 1980.

Saving Black Boys
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 4 2014
UWM School of Education Assistant Professor Decoteau Irby took part in a summit at UWM looking at ways to mentor and provide resources to black boys in southeastern Wisconsin.

UW System fails to secure federal financial aid for Flexible Option
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Jan. 6, 2014
Thursday, Jan. 2, was the launch day for the first 40 students in four of the five flexible degree programs offered through UW-Milwaukee and UW Colleges, with the UW System providing financial aid until issues with the federal financial aid program are worked out.

Kohl’s reacting to customer complaints on missed holiday deliveries
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 2, 2014
UWM associate marketing professor Purushottam Papatla said Kohl’s potentially could turn customer unhappiness over late deliveries around by responding with appropriate speed and scale.