Feb. 14th, SARUP lecture series

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AUP 170,  4:30 p.m.

Want to question life more and remain happily committed to your architectural degree?  How can advisers be convinced to make changes in your academic track?  How do you confidently break away from your traditional job and still have them sending accolades to your next career?  How do you make your passion your lifetime’s work?

While studying architecture abroad in Italy, Red Mike and Adam would frequent the cinema, and because they understood very little of the language, they would leave their evening’s viewing fates up to chance and randomly select a movie. To watch a foreign film without subtitles requires patience. Therefore, in the dark of the cinema, they would try to understand the film’s narrative, not by dialogue, but through visuals, editing, rhythm, and music. The cinema was a classroom. Viewing with a heightened intensity revealed fresh insights on how to communicate. It became a weekly ritual.

They began to see architecture through this cinematic lens, and soon, with a camera in hand, they were breaking all the rules. Instead of presenting the assigned plans, elevations, sections, and models, they made films. And with just one project, the medium for communicating architecture had changed for them. But despite their ambitions (and perhaps a little ego), they learned a valuable lesson when the professors wouldn’t pass them until they completed the stated architectural project requirements: don’t break the rules, change them.

Change the rules.

They realized that they didn’t have to become traditional architects, and in that instant, the idea for Spirit of Space was born.

For more information about these speakers’ visit, contact Associate Professor Brian Schermer, or visit http://spiritofspace.com