The last beam goes up on the KIRC


Completion of the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KIRC) is still a little more than a year away, but the last beam will be placed in the six-story structure at a public event on Thursday at noon.

The gathering is at Gate 1 of the construction site, located in the Sciences Parking lot, which is accessible from Kenwood Boulevard, just west of Maryland Avenue.

UWM Chancellor Michael R. Lovell and Rodney Swain, dean of the College of Letters & Science, will speak and welcome the following dignitaries:

  • Leonard Parker, an emeritus professor for whom the Complex will be named
  • Dan Bader from the Helen Bader Foundation, whose father, Alfred Bader was the donor whose gift will name the complex for Parker
  • City Alderman Nik Kovac
  • Jon Jenson from the State Department of Administration
  • Rick Schmidt, president of CG Schmidt, the contractor

When it opens in May next year, the 144,000 square foot KIRC will provide academic and research space for disciplines in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and create a new home for our Department of Physics. The building will also include new labs for the Zilber School of Public Health.

One unique feature that is accommodated by special construction methods, is the building’s vibration control. This will allow occupants to use hyper-sensitive instrumentation and obtain the most accurate data. The structure also is being built to manage storm water runoff. Nearly all of the runoff from the site will be detained and treated through several underground detention fields and seven bioretention cells.

To watch the beam-raising or to view the project in real time, go to the web cam at