Chancellor’s Council on Enrollment Management

The Chancellor’s Council on Enrollment Management held its first biweekly meeting on Monday, Feb. 10. Chaired by Chancellor Michael R. Lovell, the Council is working to increase student enrollment and retention at UWM.  Its immediate objective is to ensure the campus is doing everything possible to recruit students for Fall 2014. The Council will also work intensively to develop a long-term enrollment strategy for undergraduate, graduate, international, and flex/online recruitment efforts as well as enhancing student retention and graduation initiatives. Integration of data analysis, marketing, and finance management will help inform future campus enrollment plans and decisions.

Functional Chairs have been appointed to lead the collaborative task forces that cut across multi-units of campus, including all schools and colleges. In addition to the work of the Council, a Steering Committee comprised of a group of Deans and members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, will meet weekly and make high-level decisions about recommendations coming from this work. The list of members is below.

To keep campus informed, the action points of related activities will be communicated weekly through channels such as the Provost’s email message and UWM Announcements.

Steering Committee


  • Michael Lovell, Chancellor
  • Robert Greenstreet, Dean – School of Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Johannes Britz, Provost and Vice Chancellor
  • Michael Laliberte, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska, Dean – Graduate School
  • Robert Swain, Dean – College of Letters & Science
  • Timothy L. Smunt, Dean – Lubar School of Business
  • Sally Lundeen, Dean – College of Nursing
  • Tom Luljak, Vice Chancellor of University Relations and Communications

 Full Council

Council Functional Chairs:

  • Jeff Meece – Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Erin Fox – Graduate Coordinator
  • Jennifer Gruenewald – International Coordinator
  • Laura Pedrick – Flex/Online Coordinator
  • Alberto Maldonado & Quincy LaGrant – Recruiting Coordinators
  • Phyllis King – Retention Coordinator
  • Margo Anderson – Data Analytics Coordinator
  • Swarnjit Arora & Jerry Tarrer – Financial Coordinators
  • Laura Glawe – Marketing/ Communication Coordinator
  • Jim Kavanagh – Enrollment Processes

Ad-Hoc Group:

  • Mark Schwartz
  • Brian Hinshaw
  • Alexandra Trumbull-Holper