Enrollment Management Update, March 13, 2014

March 3, 2014, Chancellor’s Council on Enrollment News


  • The yield event GO Milwaukee drew 325 admitted students to UWM Feb. 28.
  • Yield (getting more applicants to enroll) for spring new freshmen is up 2% from last year.
  • The new Call Center at Cambridge Commons is up and running to help increase yield (getting more applicants to enroll).
  • Transfer students for fall are up 2%.
  • Applications from MSEP students are up 8%—544 applicants to date, surpassing total out-of-state applicants from last year.


  • Graduate student admits are up 25%.
  • A new Graduate Recruiter Network is now in place to coordinate and share efforts with all schools and colleges; first meeting will be Tuesday, March 25, from
    10-11 a.m. in Union 181. All are welcome to attend and should RSVP to Elizabeth Farrow at farrow@uwm.edu.
  • Hundreds of applicants with incomplete applications are being contacted (prior to program deadlines) via email to notify them of their incomplete status, encouraging them to complete their applications in time for the deadlines.
  • A letter from the Chancellor is being sent to admitted graduate students, encouraging them to select UWM for graduate school for fall 2014.
  • This summer, the Graduate School will be reaching out to all graduate programs with a report specifying each program’s top 10 feeder schools to assist in their strategic recruitment for the following year.
  • An online, customizable application is being reviewed for purchase to provide a streamlined process for all applicants.
  • The first Graduate School Open House is set for Thursday, Nov. 20; input and attendance from all programs is highly encouraged.
  • Data on applications/admits will soon be available on the Web so departments can review their data for the past five years.
  • A review will be done to determine how to present existing financial packages in the best light possible.
  • The Graduate School’s website is under construction now for rollout at the end of summer 2014.
  • The Graduate School social media presence is booming, with Facebook likes increased well over 1,000%; Twitter followers increased over 250%.


  • New freshman retention is 80%.
  • Undergraduate enrollment is up 37%.
  • February/March recruitment events include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Opportunities to offset international student tuition, such as the Milwaukee Advantage, are being analyzed


  • Enrollment from spring 2013 to spring 2014 is up 7% for those taking at least one online course, and up 8.7% for students taking only online courses.
  • A spring marketing campaign is in development.
  • Target marketing is being planned to reach segment audiences, including active military/veterans and employers with tuition-reimbursement policies.
  • 61 students are now enrolled in UWM’s Flexible Option programs; admissions opened in January 2014.


  • A comprehensive list of recruitment events is being created, with more opportunity to promote cross-campus involvement with the goal of a more visible UWM presence.
  • A new feature on the Visit page shows which high schools are being visited. http://s1c1web1.talismaonline.com/UWMEventPortalS1C1/PortalView.aspx?CategoryName=UWM. Click the tile that reads, “UWM VISITS YOU.”
  • The high school visit model is being revamped to create a richer visit experience for students. Instead of just working with the guidance office, UWM is reaching out directly to teachers and schools, visiting classrooms that have programs aligned with UWM programs.
  • The popular Panther Coupons that waive application fees have been extended to graduate and international students.


  • New categories for collecting and reporting routine statistics are being evaluated for recruitment and marketing use.


  • Several analyses are under way: 1.) Total campus recruitment costs to determine a benchmark against peers and best practices; 2.) Savings realized if UWM moves off the plateau model; and 3.) A cost-benefit analysis if the Milwaukee Advantage tuition discounts were extended to international students.


  • Collection of all campus enrollment marketing materials, including printed pieces, letters, electronic communications and Web, is in process for the purpose of reviewing consistency, key messaging and other opportunities.