UWinteriM Adventures

UWM students enjoyed (mostly) warmer weather and the opportunity to learn during this year’s UWinteriM.

Here is a sampling of UWinteriM experiences. (Read more below.)

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Students traveled to Cuba to learn about architecture; to Malawi and Thailand to learn about the healthcare systems; to Costa Rica to learn about women’s issues, the healthcare system and the infrastructure of the country; to Mexico to learn about the impact of climate change on monuments; to Europe to learn about cultural and business practices there; to Vietnam and Laos to learn about history and culture; and to Ghana through the Africology program.

“It was definitely a dream come true to travel to Africa,” says Matthew Wyszynski, who went with the College of Nursing to Malawi. While there were language barriers and other challenges, he says, “this trip has changed my life, and when I become a pharmacist, I feel that my experience here will help me to become a better healthcare provider.”