Spotlight on Excellence: Shea’s New Hand

When nine-year-old Shea Stollenwerk asked for a hand for Christmas, her parents hoped to find someone to make the parts, fully envisioning assembling a mechanical hand for their daughter themselves. The third grader from Mukwonago was born with a partial palm and no fingers on her right hand, but YouTube videos of 3-D printed plastic prostheses made her believe a fully functioning right hand might be in her future.

Frankie Flood knew he could help. But the UW-Milwaukee associate professor would do much more than mail the Stollenwerks a box of unassembled pieces. In this video, watch as Flood recruits his Peck School of the Arts colleague Adream Blair, her design class and Shea herself to design and develop a plethora of pink, purple and turquoise hands for a little girl whose Christmas wish has been more than granted.