Protecting UWM from Heartbleed

University Information Technology Services (UITS) and their distributed support partners are taking measures to protect the community’s data from “Heartbleed,” a flaw in OpenSSL, the open-source encryption technology used by the majority of servers on the World Wide Web. From Amazon to Zoe’s Corner Market, big and small companies alike use OpenSSL to manage secure financial transactions and customer data.

Heartbleed has the potential to allow savvy cybercriminals to capture encryption keys, and replicate servers. If that were to happen, an impostor environment could be used to capture unsuspecting visitors’ research, business, personal and financial data.

Last week, UWM system administrators ‘patched’ servers to protect them from Heartbleed. In addition, old encryption keys were exchanged for new ones. Now that the process is complete, it’s recommended that all passwords be changed. UWM account passwords can be changed at

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