Campus-wide Subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Effective May 1, all UWM faculty, staff, and students may take advantage of a campus-wide digital subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Vice Chancellors Van Harpen and Laliberte and Provost Britz have purchased a campus subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education. With this subscription, anyone can set up a free account and access the digital articles and features on from a campus computer.

Everyone with a UWM email address who sets up a free account may also access the on-line content from anywhere, including the use of the iPad Chroncile app.

Print subscriptions will continue to be handled individually and are separate from the campus digital subscription. Anyone who chooses to cancel their current individual/department digital or print subscription will need to call 1-800-728-2803 to request the cancellation and refund.

To sign up,  to and click on the “Create a Free Account” link.