UWM in the News: Week Ending July 9, 2014

UW-Milwaukee School of Health official disagrees with Supreme Court
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – June 30, 2014
The Supreme Court ruling boils down to ideology prevailing over best-practice medical evidence, said Magda Peck (Zilber), a local public health expert. It’s a matter of whether an individual business owner’s religious freedom trumps what’s best for the women they employ, she said.

Scholars’ Row
Milwaukee Magazine – July 1, 2014
An increasing number of young families are buying into the neighborhoods surrounding UWM.

UW-Milwaukee: Zilber School of Public Health reaches important milestone on road to accreditation
Wisbusiness.com – July 2, 2014
The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the nationally recognized accrediting body for schools of public health, informed The Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health that it is approved to formally begin the accreditation process, which may take up to two years to complete.
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Governor Walker and Mary Burke launch attack ads
WDJT – July 2, 2014
We can interpret what’s going on with public opinion, the favorable and unfavorables, based on what the campaigns are talking about on air, said UW-Milwaukee political science professor Mordecai Lee.

UWM, Wisconsin Center District deal have ‘out clause’
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 2, 2014
The agreement between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Center District contains a clause that allows either the school or the district to terminate the agreement if the facility is designated as the site for a new arena.

How UWM deal will affect the Bucks
 Urban Milwaukee – July 3, 2014
UWM’s naming rights for old U.S. Cellular Arena could change where a new NBA arena is built — and what happens to the Bradley Center.

With ‘ribbons’ of graphene, width matters
EurekAlert – July 3, 2014
Using graphene ribbons of unimaginably small widths — just several atoms across — a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has found a novel way to “tune” the wonder material, causing the extremely efficient conductor of electricity to act as a semiconductor.
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Summer Crews Monitor Water Quality at Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan
WUWM – July 4, 2014
All summer long, the Milwaukee Health Department is partnering with UWM’s School of Public Health to test if it’s safe to swim at Bradford, McKinley and South Shore beaches.

UWM scientist’s vine research could illuminate climate change
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 6, 2014
The results of Stefan Schnitzer’s (Freshwater) research on woody vines in Panama could have implications for global climate change. The vines reduce the carbon intake of the forests by preventing the trees from growing, allowing more carbon to remain in the atmosphere where it can wreak havoc on the environment.

UWM astronomer’s discovery: Like a diamond in the sky
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 6, 2014
David Kaplan, an astronomer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and colleagues have discovered a star so old, and so cold, that it is made up of crystallized carbon — better known as diamond.
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DNR paying close attention to perch ideas
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 7, 2014
Fred Binkowski of the UWM Great Lakes Water Institute is arguably the foremost authority on perch rearing. He developed techniques to raise perch in a hatchery setting more than 20 years ago.

Chris Abele says polls show strong support in Milwaukee County for $10.10 minimum wage
PolitiFact – July 7, 2014
As one piece of evidence, Chris Abele cited the UWM Wisconsin Economic Scorecard poll, which found that 76% of registered voters support raising the state’s minimum wage.

Water Council launches new partnership
BizTimes – July 7, 2014
The Water Council, the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the innovationExchange and inno360 have formed a partnership to rapidly expand Milwaukee’s global presence in water innovation and leadership.
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UWM bio-statistician in vanguard of genetic research
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 8, 2014
Paul Auer (Zilber), a statistical geneticist, is on the cutting edge of mining the human genome for genetic determinants of chronic diseases.

UW-Milwaukee Libraries LGBT Collection Receives Major Donation
Greenfield West Allis Now – July 8, 2014
Local philanthropist Will Radler has donated $65,000 to the UWM Libraries’ LGBT Collection in honor of fellow philanthropist Joseph Pabst.

29th Annual Milwaukee LGBT Film & Video Festival Announced
Broadway World – ‎July 8, 2014‎
The Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival returns this October 16-26. The Festival is presented by the Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres in UWM Peck School of the Arts and made possible thanks to Festival Sponsor Joseph R. Pabst.

Volunteers to plant milkweed on County Grounds in Wauwatosa
Wauwatosa Now – July 8, 2014
As UWM’s Innovation Campus brings activity to the area, it’s important to bolster the monarch habitat as much as possible.

The Big Idea II: Making Connections
Express Milwaukee – July 8, 2014
The United Community Center, Latino Arts, Inc. and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts partnered in a special exhibition of artwork with the intention of increasing student achievement in literacy and math through the integration of culturally relevant, standards-based arts into reading, language arts, and math.

UWM’s Freshwater School Shares Its Fish With Milwaukee County
WUWM – July 10, 2014
Thanks to a partnership with UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences, bears, seals and other animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo can now go fishing and feast on their catch.

Milwaukee Art Gaze: Art Shay: Working, Jews Who Rock, Gesture
Wisconsin Gazette – July 10, 2014
The Jewish museum is collaborating with UWM for a three-part program on prominent Jewish musicians in pop culture from the ’70s to the present.