UWM in the News: Week ending July 24, 2014

Is It Better to Refurbish An Item Or Build An Entirely New One?
WUWM – Jul 17, 2014
Anthony Ross (Lubar) and his colleagues have been exploring a fascinating question in the business world, whether it is better to remanufacture or refurbish an item rather than simply building and selling a new one.

Fine Tuning Graphene with Nano-Ribbons
AZoNano.com – July 17, 2014
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have developed a new way of using graphene ribbons to fine tune the material causing it to act like a semiconductor.

Milwaukee Sees the Light
OnEarth Magazine – July 17, 2014
The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee is at work on a shiny new building for its school of freshwater management, not on its main campus, but in the city’s inner-harbor area, which happens to be the next moribund industrial center targeted for biophilic redevelopment.

Leaders from other cities offer lessons on building arena
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 18, 2014
A new Bucks arena would cost about $400 million, but it’s still unclear where that money will come from. A recent poll from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed that 63% of Milwaukee voters strongly oppose spending state funds on the arena.

Jobs still a big issue in gubernatorial campaign, but the latest issue: Outsourcing jobs overseas
fox6now.com – July 17, 2014
In the race for governor, Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Mary Burke have been arguing over jobs here in Wisconsin. Mordecai Lee (Cont. Edu), says the strategy for both campaigns is to spend money on ads that touch a nerve with independent voters.

Essay: From Greece to A Minnesota Parking Garage, My Great Outdoor Theater Odyssey
WUWM – July 18, 2014
Liam Callanan and his daughter had the extraordinary opportunity to visit one of the oldest, and greatest theaters in the world, the ancient theater of Epidaurus.
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UWM researcher works to build largest microgrid
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 19, 2014
Adel Nasiri (CEAS), is working on an experimental microgrid project that will generate power from wind turbines, solar panels, natural gas generators and lithium-ion batteries .

UWM Offers The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement program
Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper – July 19, 2014
The McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, now offered by UWM, awards grants to universities that prepare talented undergraduate students for graduate school and eventually PhD programs nationwide.

UWM Alumni Association Announces 2014 Alumni Award Recipients
Urbanmilwaukee – July 19, 2014
The 2014 Alumni Awards honorees were chosen for their outstanding achievements in their career, civic involvement or both. Awardees represent the broad impact UWM has in Milwaukee and across the country.

Former Milwaukee newsman Boyd Huppert keeps TV storytelling alive
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 20, 2014
Narrative intelligence is apparent in the way reporter Boyd Huppert structures a story. Mark Zoromski (Journalism) says he creates a focus in the introduction to his stories and uses his standup comments to advance the story and lead viewers to what he wants them to discover.

Stop flushing pills down the toilet
The Cap Times – July 21, 2014
A study done by UW-Milwaukee on Lake Michigan discovered high levels of 14 contaminants linked to pharmaceuticals, an ominous sign for the future of the nation’s largest source of drinking water.

Green Roof Company Partners with Local Organizations to Pilot New Stormwater Management Solution
Greenroofs.com – Jul 21, 2014
Vegetal i.D. has announced a collaboration between UW-Milwaukee and several other organizations to closely monitor the performance of a new stormwater management solution.

Commentators should be cautious in criticizing women’s politics
The Washington Post – July 21, 2014
In trying to explain why women outvote men today, Kathleen Dolan (Pol. Science) explains that it wasn’t until Reagan that Republicans clearly showed women that there are sides.
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University Grading Based On Race, NOT Merit
KFBK – July 22, 2014
A new policy in Madison, according to W. Lee Hansen, will force professors to adjust grades so that academically weaker students perform at the same level as academically stronger students.
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Men Dominate Top Positions at Companies Oriented Toward Women
Moneynews – 22 July, 2014
After examining 19 of the biggest companies whose customers are largely women, it was found that only one company do women account for a majority of the top executives, a situation that Belle Ragins (Lubar) calls appalling.
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The penalties of being a woman at work
StartupSmart – July 23, 2014
Further evidence of the “being female” penalty is demonstrated in studies by Rhea Steinpreis and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.
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UWM will do study on water system for fish hatchery
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – July 23, 2014
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Science will do a study on the cost of a recirculating system to provide water to the Hunger Task Force fish hatchery.

The sinking city: Dozens of buildings in Milwaukee…sinking! There’s a problem and it is deep underground
fox6now.com – July 23, 2014
Much of Milwaukee was built on a marsh. Around the turn of the century contractors used steam-powered pile drivers to sink into the soggy land below thousands of wood pilings. Doug Cherkauer (Geoscience) says the pilings need to be kept wet, because things that are wet permanently rot slower.

UW System president promotes benefits of university based research
University of Wisconsin – July 23, 2014
UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee are designated as the System’s research universities and have earned international reputations for research, innovation, and technology transfer.
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