UWM in the News: Week ending Aug. 14, 2014

Study: Uncivil work environment pushing women out of the engineering field
Washington Post – August 9, 2014
A new National Science Foundation report released on Saturday about why so few women go into engineering, or stay in the field, highlights a key reason: a workplace culture of incivility toward women, according to Nadya Fouad (Psychology), who presented the results to the American Psychological Association.
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As Scott Walker Falls, His Democratic Challenger Continues to Rise
TIME – August 10, 2014
While Scott Walker’s approval rating has slid down below 50%, Mordecai Lee (Political Science) says that his opponent Mary Burke has really positioned herself as a no name moderate Democrat—fiscally conserve but socially liberal.

Blue-green algae has folks in Ohio, Michigan drinking bottled water; Could it happen here?
fox6now.com – August 11, 2014
The state DNR says it continues to monitor blue-green algae in Northeast Wisconsin bodies of water, closely following research from a UW-Milwaukee health professor.

Weighing in on the Sheriff’s race: Why is Tommy Thompson urging Republicans to vote Democratic?
fox6now.com – August 11, 2014
Mordecai Lee (Political Science) says nothing about Thompson’s letter is unethical. Wisconsin voters are allowed to choose who they want to vote for without having to change their party affiliation. What Lee is curious about is how many people actually got the letter.

Music & Memory program brightens lives of Alzheimer’s, dementia patients
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – August 11, 2014
Music & Memory, a national program that brings personalized music into the lives of elderly dementia patients. Earlier this year, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee launched the first large-scale study of the program.

Poison algae that hit Toledo often found in Wisconsin lakes
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – August 11, 2014
The discovery of algae containing toxins has increased in the past decade on the lake, according to an ongoing water-quality testing study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Voter turnout can differ greatly – even when comparing neighboring communities; So what drives that?
fox6now.com – August 12, 2014
Conflict and controversy attract attention, according to Mordecai Lee. He says voters who live in an area with an exciting or high-profile race will be more motivated to make the trek to the polls.

Black Men Face Unequal Enforcement of Marijuana Laws
Urbanmilwaukee – August 12, 2014
Wisconsin leads the nation in terms of racial disparity in the prison system, according to a study by the Employment and Training Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

“Recounts, they don’t happen that often” — but it could happen in the 6th Congressional District race
fox6now.com – August 13, 2014
Mordecai Lee (Political Science) believes that a recount is almost inevitable, because it always adds certainty so that no one can claim that an election was blown or that some clerk made a mistake.

Legal Pot Is a Public Health Menace
Wall Street Journal – August 13, 2014
A close look at the under-25 age group shows cognitive decline, poor attention and memory and decreased IQ among those who regularly smoke pot, defined as at least once a week, says Krista Lisdahl (Psychology). It needs to be emphasized that regular cannabis use is not safe and may result in addiction and neurocognitive damage, especially in youth.
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Pro-gun Milwaukee Sheriff defeats challenge from Bloomberg
Washington Post – August 13, 2014
A pre-election appeal urging moderate Democrats to vote for Clarke and also urging Republicans to cross over and vote for Clarke in the Democratic primary might have garnered up to a thousand Republican votes for Clarke, estimates Mordecai Lee (Political Science)

Wisconsin primary election roundup
Leader-Telegram – August 13, 2014
Democrats’ plans for the Senate start with the 17th District, which is the keystone to any reasonable strategy to getting the majority back according to Mordecai Lee (Political Science).
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Journal Times editorial: More must be done to protect state’s water supply
Journal Times – August 14, 2014
The discovery of algae containing toxins has increased in the past decade on the lake, according to an ongoing water-quality testing study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. So far, the four water systems on Lake Winnebago have fended off the toxins, according to state officials.
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