April 27, UWM’s 2nd Annual International Dessert Competition

Come and watch UWM students compete in the 2nd Annual International Dessert Competition. Individuals and teams will be judged by local professionals.

April 26, Inventing the Latin Kingdom: Art and Architecture during the Crusades

Lisa Mahoney, DePaul University, discusses material culture that played the most important role in the invention of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

April 13, In Search of the Sacred Book: Religion and the Novel in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude

A lecture honoring Gabriel García Márquez one year after his passing, presented by Aníbal González-Pérez, Yale University.

April 15, Artists Now! – Souther Salazar: Half Imagined/Half Remembered

Through mixed media, found objects and layers of assemblage, Salazar’s work evokes the wonders and imagination that many of us abandoned in childhood.

April 20, Center for Jewish Studies Lecture

Rachel Baum from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature considers important trends in Holocaust education.

Clues to a city’s health may be found in its sewage

Clues to a city’s health may be found in its sewage

UWM research suggests that sampling a city’s sewage can tell scientists a great deal about its residents – and may someday lead to improvements in public health.

One Curtin closes and another opens!

UWM Language Resource Center Digital Teaching and Learning facility to occupy Curtin CCL space.

Academic Staff Outstanding Performance & Service Award

Deadline April 10th. Nominate a deserving Academic Staff Colleague. Up to four awards of $1,500 will be selected.

March 10, Women’s Studies Brown Bag

“The Contemporary Colombian Revolutionary Woman – Trials in Testimonios and Translation,”Lorena Terando, UWM

March 6, Ctr. for 21st Century Studies Lecture

Kavita Philip from UC-Irvine presents “Pirate Copying, Jugaad Economics: Postcolonial Technologies and Developmental Leapfrogging”