Save the Date

Oct. 14, Technophiles Podcasts: Games and Society

Thomas Malaby, UWM Dept. of Anthropology, is the guest for this “live taping.”

Oct. 16, Creative Writing talk: Publishing Talk with Carmen Giménez Smith

A Publishing Talk with an interview by publisher David Wilk.

Oct. 15. Literary Reading and Q & A with Carmen Giménez Smith

Literary Reading and Q & A with poet Carmen Giménez Smith.

Oct. 3 PALM Scholarship Fundraiser

PALM is an ongoing scholarship fundraiser designed to retain and graduate Latino students at UWM.

Oct. 5-9, “25 Years German Unity”

Oct. 5-9, “25 Years German Unity”

UWM German and the Institute of World Affairs will host a series of events (films, lectures, exhibits) looking back on Germany’s reunification.

Fall Nutrition Series

Hearty Healthy Lunch Series

Sept. 30, LACUSL Speaker Series

“100 Days in El Salvador: A Compelling Journey among Salvadoran and Chilean Military Forces,” Ellen Poeschel (Spanish and Portuguese) will present the first talk in the 2015-16 series at 3:30pm, American Geographical Society Library.

Oct. 9, Physics Colloquium

“The Fate of Ionizing Radiation from Massive Stars in Star-Forming Galaxies,” Professor Sally Oey, Dept. of Astronomy, University of Michigan

Oct. 1, On Public Health

“Disparities in Neighborhood Food Access and the Implications for Health Outcomes,” Renee Walker, UWM Zilber School of Public Health.

Oct. 2 – Oct. 3, Midwest Annual Workshop in Metaphysics 2015

MAWMs are focused workshops aimed at promoting new research in metaphysics and community among metaphysicians.