Save the Date

Oct. 16, 45th Annual Morris Fromkin Memorial Lecture

Joe Austin, Associate Professor, UWM Dept. of History, presents “Preparing for the Great Incarceration: The Criminalization of African American Youth 1940-1970.″

Oct. 10, “Satellites and Clouds”

Steve Ackerman, Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UW-Madison

Oct. 17, SAS Day @ UWM

Speakers from the SAS Institute, Inc., the private sector, and academia.

Oct. 3, “How You Can Work for Microsoft!

“Minecraft and the convergence of labor, play, and hyper-capital: a discussion.” Discussion led by Stuart Moulthrop and Kris Purzycki.

Oct. 1, Great Books Roundtable Discussion

Blaise Pascal, Selections from Pensées

Oct. 1, Digging into Data Workshop: Measuring Research Impact

Presented by Kristin Briney, UWM Libraries Data Services Librarian.

Sept. 29, Digital Humanities Methods

“Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching” Presented by Trevor Berman (UWM Libraries Digital Collections & Initiatives) and Yuko Nakamura (PhD candidate in Architecture, UWM).

Oct. 8, Mental Health Awareness Fair

“Why I Keep Going,” providing resources for students, faculty, and staff.

Oct. 8, Annual UWM Benefits & Wellness Fair

Benefits vendors, wellness program providers, and UWM Benefits staff will be in attendance to answer all of your questions.

Oct. 2, Saving Childhood: Combating Youth Trafficking and Exploitation

Join the Institute of World Affairs for a special presentation by leading Indian Anti-Trafficking Campaigner and Human Rights Lawyer Bhuwan Ribhu!