Feb. 27, Neuroscience Colloquium

“Thalamo-cortical Interactions and Cognitive Control.”

Fridays (and one Sunday) in March Science Bag

“Wisconsin Rocks,” Robert Graziano, Geosciences

Feb. 6 through 27, Science Bag

“Matters of the Heart – Cells and Cardiovascular Disease,” Julie Oliver, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences.

Feb. 18, UWM IT Employment & Internship Recruiting Fair

A chance for students to present their skills and experiences to several IT Departments on Campus exploring employment and internship opportunities.

Feb. 20, Neuroscience Colloquium

The Role of Sleep in Memory Storage

Feb. 20, UWM’s Academic Adventurers

Presented by Stephen Q. Dornbos, Associate Professor, UWM Dept. of Geosciences.

Feb. 20, Communication Colloquium

Communication Technology Use in the Transition to College

Feb. 22, Teotihuacan and its Countryside: the Rural-Urban Dynamics of an Ancient Metropolis

Sarah Clayton, UW-Madison, discusses the reconstruction of everyday life in Teotihuacan and excavation in Mexico’s vanishing archaeological areas

Feb. 27, Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

Michelle Xia – Adjusting for misrepresentation through risk modeling

Feb. 12, The #BlackLivesMatter Tipping Point

“Tipping Point: The Praxis and Power of The Global Black Liberation Movement”