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UWM Alumni Association Announces 2014 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni and University Friends Recognized for their Achievements and Commitment to UWM MILWAUKEE – Today, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Alumni Association (UWMAA) announces the 2014 Alumni Awards Evening honorees.  Alumni and friends of the University were chosen for outstanding achievements in their career, civic involvement or both. Awardees represent the broad impact UWM has […]

UWM physicists’ technology used in early malaria detection

State-of-the-art military hardware quickly identifies malaria parasites in blood samples as small as a single cell.

With time still on her side, guitarist earns second degree

With time still on her side, guitarist earns second degree

Macyn Taylor, the subject of publicity in 2011 when she earned her BFA in music at the age of 17, recently received a master of music degree in guitar performance.

Yaoyi Li (foreground) and Mingxing Chen, UWM physics postdoctoral researchers, display an image of a ribbon of graphene 1 nanometer wide. In the image, achieved with a scanning-tunneling microscope, atoms are visible as “bumps.” Click on the image for a print--resolution copy)

With ‘ribbons’ of graphene, width matters

A narrow enough ribbon will transform a conductor into a semiconductor.

David Kaplan

The Coolest Known White Dwarf: A Diamond in the Sky?

This ancient stellar remnant is so cool that its carbon has crystallized, forming – in effect – an Earth-sized diamond in space.

Adel Nasiri

Dynamic Blade Technologies licenses UWM wind turbine energy-storage technology

Developed in the laboratory of Adel Nasiri, professor of electrical engineering, the patent-pending technology uses ultra-capacitors as an energy-storage element on the turbine.

Wisconsin Economic Scorecard released for second quarter of 2014

The report shows that an overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters (76 percent) support increasing the state’s minimum wage.

UWM researchers among M-WERC grant winners

The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium has awarded six grants to continue scientific work in energy, power and control systems that can benefit Wisconsin.

Urban Autism Summit Set for June 25

The summit will serve as an update on work accomplished since the first Urban Autism Summit in 2009.

UWM joins forces with Nissan and ABB to add campus EV fast-charge stations

UWM has installed two EV fast chargers on their campus for public use, the first EV fast-charge stations in Milwaukee County.