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UWM engineer does pioneer study on green manufacturing of electric car batteries

UWM engineer does pioneer study on green manufacturing of electric car batteries

UWM researcher Chris Yingchun Yuan is investigating the environmental sustainability of the next generation of electric car batteries.

UWM part of new nursing initiative

Nursing programs at four UW schools, including UW-Milwaukee, are offering new fellowship and loan forgiveness programs to encourage nurses to pursue doctoral degrees or postdoctoral training and assume nurse educator positions in Wisconsin.

UWM physicist researches ‘new gravity’

UWM physicist researches ‘new gravity’

A compact star system has allowed the scientists to make the best measurements yet of the complex gravitational interactions in such a system.

Free UWM workshop explores mobile apps and SAP mobile platform

While corporations and organizations should be incorporating the growth of connected devices into their mobile strategy and investments, many organizations are not prepared to deal with this rapid change.

Ellen Velie Named UWM Professor of Public Health and MCW Joan A. Van Deuren Professor in Breast Cancer Research

“Our joint recruitment of a top public health scientist in women’s health and breast cancer research demonstrates the growing power of collaboration between MCW and UWM.”

Wisconsin Economic Scorecard released for fourth quarter of 2013

A UWM poll shows a patient electorate when it comes to problems with the Affordable Care Act rollout, growing support for a proposed Kenosha casino and overwhelming support for a state minimum wage increase.

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UWM Winter Commencement to be held Dec. 15

UWM will hold its Winter Commencement ceremony at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 15, at the U.S. Cellular Arena, 400 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Inmate Funded Educational Scholarship Kicks Off Dec. 5

Current inmates at the House of Correction have already pledged $400 per month to the scholarship, joining inmates in New Mexico and Texas.

UWM study: What can happen when graphene meets a semiconductor

For all the promise of graphene as a material for next-generation electronics and quantum computing, scientists still don’t know enough about this high-performance conductor to effectively control an electric current. Graphene, a one-atom-thick layer of carbon, conducts electricity so efficiently that the electrons are difficult to control. And control will be necessary before this wonder […]

UW Flexible Option opens virtual university doors

The official “first to Flex” is Aaron Apel, a UW-Madison employee, whose goal is to earn an IT degree offered in the Flexible Option format through UW-Milwaukee.