Steve Brandl

Social Welfare profs are radio regulars

Criminal justice and social work professors from UWM’s Helen Bader School of Social Welfare are taking their research directly to the public.

Yaoyi Li (foreground) and Mingxing Chen, UWM physics postdoctoral researchers, display an image of a ribbon of graphene 1 nanometer wide. In the image, achieved with a scanning-tunneling microscope, atoms are visible as “bumps.”

With ‘ribbons’ of graphene, width matters

A group of researchers UWM has found a novel way to “tune” the the extremely efficient conductor of electricity to act as a semiconductor.

An image taken in visible light at the SOAR telescope of the field of the pulsar/white dwarf pair. There is no evidence for the white dwarf in this deep image, indicating that the white dwarf is much fainter, therefore cooler, than any such known object. (Credit B. Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF) Click image for larger view.

The Coolest Known White Dwarf: A Diamond in the Sky?

This ancient stellar remnant is so cool that its carbon has crystallized, forming, in effect, an Earth-sized diamond in space.

Paul Auer

Gene mutations may point way to treating heart disease

The mutations lower the levels of fat in the blood and significantly reduce a person’s risk of coronary heart disease.

Adel Nasiri

Dynamic Blade Technologies licenses UWM wind turbine energy-storage technology

Developed in the laboratory of Adel Nasiri, professor of electrical engineering, the patent-pending technology uses ultra-capacitors as an energy-storage element on the turbine.

UWM researchers among M-WERC grant winners

The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium has awarded six grants to continue scientific work in energy, power and control systems that can benefit Wisconsin.

Urban Autism Summit Set for June 25

The summit will serve as an update on work accomplished since the first Urban Autism Summit in 2009.

After an endless winter, campus blooms

After an endless winter, campus blooms

A wet and coolish spring delayed planting a bit, but by last week the campus was abloom in flowerbeds.

Devrah Arndt (left) and Ben Blair, first PhD graduates of UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences, flank their doctoral adviser, Associate Professor Rebecca Klaper, after commencement.

SFS produces its first two doctoral graduates

Devrah Arndt and Benjamin Blair have become the first PhD graduates of UWM’s unique graduate school.

When a house is more than a home

When a house is more than a home

“The Uncertainty of Enclosure” comes to INOVA June 6