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UWM in the News: Week Ending May 21, 2015

ARCW donates its archives to UWM Libraries Wisconsin Gazette – May 8, 2015 ARCW recently donated its entire collection to the UWM Libraries. The historical materials demonstrate many of the challenges that ARCW and its predecessors faced in their advocacy. The libraries’ archives will maintain the collection for students, researchers, documentarians and everyone else who […]

UWM in the News: Week ending May 7, 2015

Shepherding in the Digital Age Express Milwaukee – April 28, 2015 As Marc Tasman (Journalism) explains, All forms of media evolve through a process called ‘mediamorphasis.’ Technological shifts create new means for expression and distribution.

UWM in the News: April 30, 2015

Nepalese Families in Shorewood share concerns about loved ones Newsradio 620 WTMJ – April 26, 2015 The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal hit close to home here in Wisconsin. “When it hit, the whole history is pretty much gone explained Kalyani Rai (Community Studies).

UWM in the News, Week Ending April 23, 2015

Turning UWM Students’ Ideas into Startup Companies, Part 2
WUWM – Apr 16, 2015
More than half of the new freshmen coming to universities today say they plan on working for themselves. At UWM, there is a wonderful program that helps students do just that. It’s called the Student Start Up Challenge.

UWM in the News: Week ending April 16, 2015

NEWS Smart Sewers Will Reveal What’s in Cambridge Citizens’ Guts IEEE Spectrum – April 10, 2015 a MIT team is beginning an ambitious project that aims to understand the wellbeing of a city by tracking its residents’ biological and chemical waste. Eventually, with robotic samplers placed below the streets, Cambridge may have a “smart sewer” that […]

UWM in the News, week ending March 27, 2015

UW System offers ‘Flex’ible degree path Appleton Post Crescent – Mar 20, 2015 the Flex Degree program through the UW System offers students the opportunity to work through courses at their own pace by proving they have mastered concepts through tests and quizzes. UWM is the only four-year school in the UW System to offer […]

UWM in the News: Week Ending March 12, 2015

Political analyst weighs in on Right-to-Work and what’s next for Wisconsin fox6now.com – Mar 6, 2015 Depending on whom you asked, a new so-called Right-to-Work law may either bring about an economic boom for the Badger state–or start a downward spiral. Mordecai Lee (Governmental Affairs) said many studies are a little better than others, but […]

UWM in the News: Week Ending Feb. 19, 2015

NEWS This instructional approach is closing student achievement gaps ecampusnews.com – February 13, 2015 Researchers at UWM report that a technology-enabled, self-paced learning approach developed at the university reduces the achievement gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students. The U-Pace instructional approach combines self-based and mastery-based learning to support student success as they reach benchmarks with […]

UWM in the News: Week Ending Feb. 12, 2015

NEWS Don’t cut research in a knowledge economy, tech chiefs say Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Feb 5, 2015 Madison is not the only city where the stakes are high. UWM already has endured years of budget cuts even as it tries to expand research programs in water technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing — all areas […]

UWM in the News: Week Ending Feb, 5, 2015

Every day he’s a little more of a candidate:” Gov. Walker touts Wisconsin accomplishments in DC fox6now.com – January 30, 2015 Mordecai Lee (Government affairs), says that the launch of an exploratory council without a formal declaration has become a normal approach for presidential candidates. If and when Walker formally announces his candidacy for president, […]