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A new education for a new world

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is moving forward brilliant ideas.

A new education for a new world by UW-Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is moving forward brilliant ideas.

Our faculty and staff – often working alongside partners who are in search of solutions to current and future challenges – are creating a learning and research environment for our students that produces the possibility for astounding outcomes. Their work is making a difference for business, industry and nonprofits while also giving students unique learning opportunities, and providing faculty and staff with the expertise to strengthen their future work. All of them are filling the talent and ideas pipelines for economic development now and tomorrow.

We’re seeing our physics professors and researchers joining with colleagues from across the country to be part of a new Science and Technology Center funded by the National Science Foundation. It could transform the way diseases are studied and treatments are discovered. Students of architecture are making a difference alongside a nonprofit seeking to revive foreclosed homes. The Student Startup Challenge is a campus initiative in which educators and student entrepreneurs are elevating innovation to levels well beyond our initial ideas.

Working together, UWM faculty, staff and students, and their partners, are helping a new kind of education to evolve. It’s focused on academic needs, research horizons, business requirements and nonprofit goals. It’s really a new world. Brilliance begins with an idea, and ideas drive the economy and change lives.