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The roads to innovation

Join us on the multiple roads at UWM that feed our innovation age.

The roads to innovation by UW-Milwaukee

New knowledge comes from various corners of the university – from our research labs, our students’ real-world learning experiences and our support of entrepreneurship.

Designed specifically to stimulate innovative thinking, these roads are creating a pipeline of talent that will fill the jobs of today and the near future, and overhaul our local and state economies in the process.

The UWM Research Foundation is a vital navigator of these avenues to innovation, making it easier for research scientists and students to accelerate the pace of innovation and bring the results to market through licensing agreements and new ventures.

With annual research spending of about $60 million, the university excels in a host of research areas, including water, energy, health care, advanced materials, nanotechnology and health care informatics.

Through its Catalyst Grant Program, the Research Foundation has awarded $3.4 million to talented faculty, funding that has produced $10 million in follow-on investments in UWM technologies. Fifteen license and option agreements have resulted from Catalyst projects.

The Research Foundation’s co- sponsorship of UWM’s Student Startup Challenge and its related coursework provides students with the same guidance in commercializing their ideas as it does for faculty.

Bringing ideas to the market is only one facet of the innovation process. Together with the UWM Research Foundation, the UWM Real Estate Foundation provides state-of-the-art facilities where researchers can meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

The latest example is the Innovation Accelerator at UWM’s Innovation Campus, which will open this year. It will give UWM researchers 25,000 square feet of collaboration space near important regional partners. And an addition to the School of Freshwater Sciences, located near Milwaukee’s Global Water Center, will also be completed in 2014.

We don’t travel these pathways alone.

A broad network of community partners helps drive the process at each step, providing important resources and market-driven needs, bringing ideas to market and providing jobs for innovators and entrepreneurs.

New internal approaches, however, can be far more potent with additional external partners. I invite you to join us on the multiple roads at UWM that feed our innovation age. To find out more, please contact us.

Brian Thompson
President, UWM Research Foundation

David Gilbert
President, UWM Real Estate Foundation