Brilliance begins with an idea

Anthony Ross, Rockwell Automation Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management in the Lubar School of Business (center) with Wilkistar Otieno, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering in the College of Engineering & Applied Science, and Mark Catri, plant manager–Mequon Operations, Rockwell Automation. Read more about what brings them together.

2014 Research Report

At UWM, we are creating dynamic research relationships throughout the region in areas ranging from health care and engineering to the arts and education.

We believe such collaborations are an integral part of the future of higher education because these interactions will generate new and better processes, technologies and products, and a skilled workforce to fill these jobs.

A new education for a new world

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is moving forward brilliant ideas.

Flying high with robotics research

Developing a drone is a multidimensional task that includes aerodynamics, control, electronics and software.

Exploring the food landscape

Improving Milwaukeeans' diets – while creating jobs.

Getting to the bottom of lake pollution

The floor of Green Bay is the base of a vital food chain.

UWM’s a game-changer in protein imaging quest

New technologies and techniques help solve cellular mysteries in days, not years.

Could CO2 be an alternative fuel?

Imagine if we could not only remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but convert it into fuel.

Moving medical imaging to the next level

Part of building a pipeline of Wisconsin-based medical imaging software developers.

Using light, not surgery, for biopsies

Offering a noninvasive tool that gauges the health of potential donor organs.

Communicating in a health crisis

The benefits of family involvement in trauma care.

Accessibility apps enable those with special needs

Research assistant Jaclyn Schwartz never loses sight of the people who benefit from her efforts.

Making an impact by improving health care

Bringing process improvement to health care.

UWM researchers create novel optical fibers

Ordering the march of photons that carry the world's information.

Designing students put polish on real-world projects

Fast-paced projects with profound impact.

Undergraduate researchers bridge the disciplinary divide

UWM has many cross-disciplinary opportunities that can be transformative for students.

How to teach innovation, UWM style

They came to start their own businesses.

Quest: Owning a business while still in college

Opening students' eyes to opportunity.

Brewing new apps to help nonprofits

Learning a skill with earning potential.

To manufacture or remanufacture

Consuming significantly less energy, labor and natural resources, and reducing waste.

New opportunities found in translation

Increasing globalization of business is adding to the demand for programs like UWM’s.

A diversity of STEM careers for a diversity of students

Opportunities in undergraduate research and internships, locally and nationally.

Encyclopedia focuses on ‘everything Milwaukee’

“Our gift to the city.”

Young parents apart can raise children together

Getting fathers involved and helping young couples learn to manage stress and communicate.

What’s in your water?

Exploring the public health aspects of drinking water.

Autism in another language inspires alumna

Tenacity, intelligence and commitment to an underserved population.

Real money, real investment, real education

A bridge between academia and the professional world.

Engaging the 21st century audience

Dormant in an archive, art comes to life in an exhibit.

Court offers treatment as an alternative

Lowering costs, preventing crimes.

UWM, partners share a new home for innovation

A home to both academic researchers and business partners.

The roads to innovation

Join us on the multiple roads at UWM that feed our innovation age.